Ella's Kitchen Pasta with a lot of vegetables from 8 months 190g

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Ella's Kitchen 8+ Pasta with a lot of vegetables  190g

100% good pasta, tomatoes + vegetable meals made from organic ingredients, perfectly balanced for older babies and toddlers. From 8 months.

• Biological
• Ideal for traveling!

Ella's Kitchen is 100% organic baby and toddler food. The recipes for healthy meals and healthy snacks are prepared by nutritionists and contain no added flavors, colors or flavors, sugar or salt. All the products are packed in convenient servings or easily re-sealable packs so you can easily carry, or can do in a lunchbox.

42% tomatoes *, 23% vegetable stock (water, carrots, turnips, onions, oregano) *, 10% onions, 7% paste (Semolina, water) *, 7% red pepper *, 5% carrots *, 5% rutabaga * , olive oil * 1%, <1% oregano *, 0% other. * = Organic

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